Global coconut nusantara

CV. Sri Rejeki Samitha, a company engaged in manufacturing coconut products and focuses on the core business of coconut derivatives. The material we use is coconut which we have sorted

and are of high quality. Coconut We come from all farms in Indonesia,

We will provide the best products at competitive prices.

Our company

Maintains and always increases production capacity, and we also ensure readiness in our processing plants, to be able to produce the best products with international quality. Visit CV. Sri Rejeki Samitha our company and get impressed

by our product. Ultimately, it is our top priority to meet our customers’s satisfaction and expectation.


We have a strategy for success, namely by developing a network of farmers throughout the coconut plantations that we manage. And we ensure readiness in our processing plants, to be able to produce the best products with international quality.

At present our company has partnerships with more than 200 coconut farmers in the eastern Indonesian region, and the plantation land that we manage is more than 1,500 hectares, and supply of coconut up to 500,000 Coconut per day. We also help regional economies to develop and provide welfare for existing farmers. Our company also continues to collaborate with several other companies abroad to help distribute goods to be much better. At present our company has cooperated with more than 20 companies in 11 countries.



CV. Sri Rejeki Samitha company process more than 1,500 hectares of coconut plantations, spread across several islands in Indonesia.

We also participate in supporting the coconut plantation ecosystem in Indonesia, and we ensure that there will be regeneration for each coconut tree.

Because Coconut is a tree of life.

We also have a processing plant for coconut derivatives with the latest technology and accompanied by workers who are experts in their fields.

We continue to produce International quality products.



CV. Sri Rejeki Samitha company collaborates with several international shipments

to answer consumer needs as a medium for sending goods safely and on time besides that,

supported by professional partners so as to produce the best quality service and also at very affordable prices for each selected destination delivery route.

by our consumers